My Traders Results Can’t be Faked

I’m often asked about my trading performance.

I get that, anyone wants to know if the strategy that I use can really make money for you.

And even worse, there are a lot of fake gurus over the internet, showing off their rented Lamborghinis and luxury lives. Most of them are scammers as you may know.

Maybe you already got hurt by one or several of them.

Well, my own trades are often shared on my social media to show everyone how I trade and what can be achieved.

Like this one, trading Dax during the open of the London session, 2-minute time frame:

Or this one, trading Dax during the same period, 1-minute time frame:

Both of them, holding the trade just 4 minutes between open and close.

But we also trade the US session, taking trades like this one, on Nasdaq, 2-minute time frame:

Or this one, trading Nasdaq too during the US session:

Holding time?

Between 2-4 minutes.

How crazy is that?

And what about Dow Jones?

That’s also a great index to trade during the US session:

Or this one:

Holding time, between 2-6 minutes.

How many of these do you need per day?

But we also trade stocks.

And I love the open of the markets.

I share my daily watchlist and everyone knows what to do.

8 minutes after the market opens and I was done:

And this one, 4 minutes after the US open I was done for the day:

But that’s when I realized…

I’m not the only one getting results. My traders are getting amazing results!

So, why not share their trades, and their results?

That’s the most genuine way of letting you know what happens behind the scenes.

What are we achieving in my trading chat room!

Their trades and results can’t be faked, they share them themselves in the trading chat room.

Dax trading, 13 minutes after the London session opened and the day was done.

8-minute trade, 20 points.

All this for no longer than 8 minutes.

What about this Nasdaq trade?

26 + 40 + 46 = 106 points in less than 20 minutes?

Do the math, how much could you get?

Does it seem like a small number of points to make decent profits?

It may, at first sight…

But here’s the catch.

We are scalpers, we risk an even smaller number of points than our targets.

Since we risk so few points, we use big lot sizes.

Using a small account you can risk let’s say €10/point or $10/point depending if you’re trading Dax or US Equities Futures.

How much do we risk?

4, 6, 8 points…

That would be €40, €60, €80 risked/trade.

Potential profit?

No limits!

The strategy that we use allows squeezing the most of a move.

You can get, 10, 20, 50, 100+ points.

That would be a potential profit of €100, €200, €500, €1000+ per trade on a small account.

On a bigger account, let’s say risking €50/point (and this is not a really big account still).

That would be a potential profit of €500, €1000, €2500, €5000+ per trade.

That’s a 1:2, 1:5, 1:10, or even more risk/reward.

How much would you get taking a trade that lasted only 8 minutes, and banking 50 points on Dax?

50 points would be €500 on a small account, risking €10/point.

Or €2500 on a bigger account, risking €50/point.

What about getting 36 points on Dow Jones in just a few minutes?

That would be $360 risking $10/point on a small account.

Or $1800 risking $50/point on a bigger account.

And here’s another one.

The same trader, banking 35 points on Dow Jones again in 10 minutes only.

How much could you make banking those 35 points?

Busy week? No problem, when you can get back, you kill it.

52 points trading Dax.

That’s €520 trading a small account at €10/point.
Or €2600 trading a bigger account at €50/point.

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What about 17 points in a few minutes even before the London open?

Do you think that to day trade you need to get in front of your screen the whole day?

Think again…

That’s far from the truth.

What if you could day trade for just a few minutes per day?

And by a few minutes I mean, 4-6 minutes, and your day is done.

Trading time frames as low as the 2-minute, or even the 1-minute.

That’s what a lot of us do.

And then?

Enjoy our lives, enjoy the rest of our day.

Look at this:

Getting late, 18 minutes after London open, entering the chat room, immediately take a trade, and the day is done in 1 minute:

26 minutes after the US open, 27 points in Dow Jones.

12 minutes after the US open, 46 points on Dow Jones.

How much does that worth?

$460 on a small account risking $10/point.

$2300 on a bigger account risking $50/point.

Stock traders, I got you covered too…

Every day I share my stocks watchlist.

The stocks that I’ll be trading during the open of the US session.

And by the open I mean, I only trade the first 6-8 minutes, you don’t need more than that to make your day.

Trading AMC, PRVB, VTNR, and EXPR.

$791 profit.

5 minutes after US open everything is closed.

And this one, trading OEG, BB, and AMC:

$540 profit.

6 minutes after US open everything is closed.

Or this one, trading EDU and AMC.

7 minutes after the US open, $379 in the pocket, and the day was done.

What about losses? Do we only have winning trades?

Of course not, we also have losses.

Everyone has them.

But they are easily recoverable because we risk just tiny amounts and go for bigger profits.

Two losses in a row: -9 – 4 = -13 points.

And the next trades, +20 + 20 = +40 points.

That’s the way to do it, small losses, big returns.

Starting with a loss again:

-10 points, but then recovered easily with +20 points.

And that was recovered 2 minutes after the first trade.

Want more losses?

-8 points in loss.

Followed by +13 + 14 = +27 points in profit.

And that was 24 minutes of trading!

I love my traders, they even get results during their lunchtime…

Quick after lunch scalp.

After banking more earlier in the day.

What about 20 points on Dow Jones + 32 points on Dax?

+10 points during lunchtime.

€100 or €500, depending on your account size.

Is that enough to pay for your lunch?

I don’t recommend this, but they do it… phone trading!

Banking 46 points on Dow Jones from his phone.

$460 on a small account, $2300 on a bigger account…

Please, don’t trade while you drive… but they don’t listen to me…

32 points while stopped in a traffic jam.

In and out in 2 minutes!

$320 on a small account?

$1600 on a bigger account.

I bet you’ll start to love traffic jams!

Be careful, you can get addicted…

I always tell them, make your day, close your charts, and enjoy your life.

But they never listen to me…

They always want just one more trade…

94 points on Dow Jones?

I’m done, he says…

I knew he was not going to stop…

Should I open a rehab center for these guys?

They are robbing all the profits from the markets.

Now it’s YOUR time, are you going to keep sitting there?

Are you tired of trading alone?

Are you tired of trading all the strategies that you find on Youtube and keep losing your hard-earned money?

Have you tried everything and are still lost without knowing which path to follow?

Join my trading family now and get access to an amazing group where you can learn and get better every single day.