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Maximum Risk/Lot Size Calculator

Want to increase your lot size?

The Maximum Risk/Lot Size Calculator shows you the maximum lot size or risk that you should use to be safe.

Just fill the details below and hit calculate.


The Maximum Drawdown on my history was (%):

The fixed risk (or lot size) that I used per trade was:

Number of months that my history has:


Maximum Drawdown that I allow is (%):

Why and how to use this calculator?

To trade with safety and prevent your account from having big drawdowns you should cap the risk that you take per trade.

This calculator allows you to know what is that maximum risk based on your trading history.

You can use the calculator either if you trade using a fixed risk % or a fixed lot size.

Just fill all the fields and hit that calculate button to get your results.

For detailed information about this topic check this post that teaches how to choose the maximum risk/lot size to trade with safety.

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