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How Does This Comparison Tool Work

The Prop Firm Comparison tool was created to help you compare different prop firms and choose the one that fits your needs and your trading style better.

From the dropboxes above, select the prop firms you want to compare. All relevant information from the proprietary firms will be instantly available for you.

What Is Being Compared Between Prop Firms

The prop firm comparison includes the following data:

  • Company details: When they were founded, where the firms are located, how much you can get funded with, and how much you get from the first profits.
  • Instruments available to trade: Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto, Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Metals Futures, and Crypto Futures.
  • Funding program types available: Instant funding, one-step funding, and two-step funding.
  • Challenge rules for all programs and program types: Compare the profit target, maximum daily loss, maximum drawdown, minimum trading days, maximum trading days, and profit split.
  • Trustpilot reviews: Including the rating and the number of reviews that each prop firm has on Trustpilot.
  • Free trial, free repeat, and free reset options.
  • Trading styles allowed: Compare if the prop firms allow scalping, day trading, swing trading, copy trading, news trading, EAs/Algos/Bots trading, Arbitrage, and HFT.
  • Trading hours: Some prop firms allow holding trades overnight and/or over the weekend, while others don’t.
  • Trading platforms: Comparison between all the platforms supported by each prop firm.
  • Leverage: Leverage is an important factor to consider when comparing prop firms. Some offer big accounts for marketing purposes but with very tiny leverage.
  • Payment types accepted: From wire transfer to credit card, Paypal, crypto, and much more.

Just go to the top and select the prop firms that you want to compare.

All Compared Prop Firms

Here’s a list of all prop firm comparisons available in our tool at the moment:

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