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How does a professional trading account statement look like?

A professional trader is someone that trades for a living.

Is someone that really gets the money that he spends from the markets.

Having losing trades is normal.

Having losing days is normal.

What is not normal is to have a curve that goes down.

Is that your case?

A professional trading account performance has a curve that goes up.

It may have down moments, but that’s normal, no one wins all the trades.

But overall, it goes up.

At the end of most weeks, it closes profitable.

At the end of most months, it closes profitable.

At the end of the year, it closes profitable.

If not, then that person is not a professional.

It doesn’t live from trading.

It loses money for a living!

This is what happens when you trade successfully

This picture is my day trading account performance from last month.


This was achieved by scalping just DAX and Dow Jones.

Most of the trades happened during the live trading room, with the students of the trading school.

But it can be done by trading anything that you like. Forex currency pairs, stocks, metals, commodities, Bitcoin, or any other virtual currency, just name it.

Charts are charts.

As long as they move it’s possible to make money and be profitable consistently.

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