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The #1 worst behavior that burns all the beginner traders accounts

Most of the people think that the main objective of a novice trader, or an experienced trader that is not yet consistent, is to make profit.

Well, that’s completely wrong!

Being profitable should be a consequence and not an objective.
When you seek profitability you will lose all your money in the long run.

First, you need something much more important: EXPERIENCE!

That should be the main goal of someone that is trying to make a living from the financial markets.

Any profit that you may achieve before you get experience is pure luck!

Only profits that come from accumulating a certain degree of experience are real profits.
That’s the only profits that matter.

And that’s not what a beginner trader tries to do. A novice trader only looks to be profitable.
But when they eventually get some profit, that money is not real, it’s just luck.
It doesn’t come from a base of knowledge that comes from experience.

Worse than that. A lot of times that profit comes from erroneous behavior.
Bad trading behavior.
Just because you grabbed some profit, that doesn’t mean that you grabbed the profit with proper trading technique and proper trading habits.

Early profitability before having experience doesn’t matter.
But a novice trader always thinks that when he gets some profit it’s because he was already skillful.

You should only have one goal every single day:
Start the day with the idea that today you’ll add another day of experience to your personal bank of experiences.

Ignore the voice on your head that only talks to you about money.
That voice needs to be replaced by the true trader’s voice.

Profitability doesn’t come overnight!

You need to accumulate experience and ultimately your reach an experience point where the voice inside you is not the novice voice talking anymore.
And the voice starts to be the true trader’s voice!
But that traders voice, the voice of experience, only starts to appear after a certain amount of time and right experience accumulated.

Success and consistent profitability happens after the accumulation of enough right experience and this experience cannot be rushed you have to do it day by day.

It doesn’t work that way, nothing in life works that way!

If you want to be a consistent trader, if you want to be a profitable trader, if you want to ever hope to get a living off this wonderful activity, you’ll have to relax, take your time, enjoy the process and focus on accumulating the right experience day after day.
Not accumulating profits at the beginning, that comes from experience. Experience first, profitability second.

I’ll be here, guiding you through this path, helping you to accumulate the right experience so that one day we can celebrate for reaching there.

I’ll see you at the top!

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