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Why most people lose money trading financial markets?

Trading is simple, but not easy.

Most people just fail over and over trying to be profitable.
That’s because they don’t follow strict rules, they just gamble and they get influenced by everything that surrounds them.

On a market it always has to be people that deposit and people that withdrawal.

If everyone in the market would be a withdrawer, then the market would dry very quickly.
It would be out of his resources completely. In order to keep a perpetual market, you need that most of the people to be a depositor, and the minority withdrawing.

Because at the moment that you have the majority withdrawing and the minority depositing, the market will have a quick death.

This is why the majority will never be winners at this, the majority will never be the withdrawers.

For the market to have a healthy life, the majority can’t win, the majority must deposit, the majority can’t withdraw, you can’t have more people wining than losing and have the market living year after year.

It’s impossible!

The market is designed to make you lose money.

It’s designed to make things appear terrible when you should be opening trades.

It’s designed to make things exciting when you should be closing trades. It’s on purpose that way!!

The buy recommendations always come on the top, the sell recommendations always come on the bottom.
Good news make the market go down, bad news make the market go up.

It’s on purpose!!

These are the things that throw 90% of people away.
People think that to make money all they have to do is to find a good news story, finding good companies, with good fundamentals, then buy and I get money…


Do you really think is that easy?

The most brilliant minds in the world will lose their millions just because you read news?


People think that to make money all they need is an arrow pointing up and down when they should buy or sell.

How silly is it to believe in this things?


People can be the smartest people in the world, on their jobs, but when they come to this game they lose money!

They get dumb!!

“Oh, but I received an email from the broker saying that I don’t need to learn anything. They even tell me when to buy and to sell.”


That’s the same as saying: “come over here, I have a deposit for you to fill”.

In order to be profitable you need to reformat yourself.

You need to do the opposite of what your mind tells you to do.

You need to be greed when everyone is with fear.
You need to have fear when everyone is being greed.

You need to be able to identify opportunities like a professional.

You can eventually reach that special place just by yourself, after losing money year after year.

But you can shortcut with professional help.

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