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Funded Trading Plus vs UProfit – Full Comparison

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Funded Trading Plus


In this article, we’ll be comparing two prop firms, Funded Trading Plus and UProfit.

Let’s look at all details.

Prop Firms General Details

In this first table, we compare the year where each prop firm was founded, where their offices are located, and how much balance you can get to trade after scaling (when applicable).

Prop Firm Details Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Year Founded 2021 2019
Offices Location London, UK Texas, USA
Maximum Balance $2,500,000 $200,000
Keep First Profits Challenge Fee $8,000


Here’s a list of all instruments supported by Funded Trading Plus and UProfit. I divided the list into two parts to show CFDs products and Futures products.

Instruments CFDs Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Instruments Futures Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Equity Futures
Foreign Exchange Futures
Agricultural Futures
Energy Futures
Interest Rate Futures
Metals Futures
Crypto Futures

Funding Program Types

Prop firms have different program types to achieve a funded account.

Here’s the resume and comparison of the Funded Trading Plus and UProfit different program types.

Prop Firm Programs Funded Trading Plus UProfit
One-Step Evaluation
Two Step Evaluation
Instant Funding

Instant Funding Comparison

Instant funding programs give you access to a funded account immediately without needing to pass any challenge.

Instant Funding Rules Funded Trading PlusUProfit
Profit Target 5%
Max Daily Loss
Max Daily Drawdown
Max Loss
Max Drawdown 5%
Minimum Trading Days 9
Maximum Trading Days 9
Profit Split 70%, up to 90%

One-Step Program Comparison

One-Step programs are programs that require a single challenge to be passed. As soon as you pass the challenge, achieving the required targets without breaking any rules, you’ll be rewarded with a funded account to trade.

Here’s the comparison table for the Funded Trading Plus and UProfit prop firms.

One Step Rules Funded Trading PlusUProfit
Profit Target 10%10%-5%
Max Daily Loss
Max Daily Drawdown 3%8.9%-2.5%
Max Loss
Max Drawdown 6%3.9%-2%
Minimum Trading Days 10
Maximum Trading Days
Profit Split 80%, up to 90%50%, up to 80%

Two-Step Program Comparison

Two-Step programs require that you pass two different challenges before getting funded. Usually, each phase or each challenge has different targets and rules.

Here’s the comparison for Funded Trading Plus and UProfit.

Two Step Rules Funded Trading PlusUProfit
Profit Target Step 1 10%
Profit Target Step 2 5%
Max Daily Loss
Max Daily Drawdown 5%
Max Loss
Max Drawdown 10%
Min Trading Days Step 1
Min Trading Days Step 2
Max Trading Days Step 1
Max Trading Days Step 2
Profit Split 80%, up to 90%

Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is a reputable platform when it comes to reviewing products and services.

Here is the rating that Funded Trading Plus and UProfit have on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot Stats Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Trustpilot Rating 4.9/5.0 4.7/5.0
Number of Reviews 1,455 5,617

Free Stuff

Being able to test a prop firm before we commit and purchase is a good thing. We can get used to their trading platform, and understand spreads, commissions, and rules.

Some proprietary firms also offer free repeats in some circumstances, and also free resets, to be able to reset our account before the challenge period is over, in case things are not going as we wanted.

Here’s the comparison for Funded Trading Plus and UProfit prop firms.

Free Stuff Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Free Trial
Free Repeat
Free Reset

Trading Styles

Some prop firms may be better for you than others depending on your trading style. In this table, you can see the comparison between the trading styles allowed by Funded Trading Plus and UProfit prop firms.

Trading Styles Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Day Trading
Swing Trading
Copy Trading
News Trading
EAs/Bots/Algos Trading
Arbitrage Trading
HFT Trading

Trading Hours

Although most proprietary firms are more oriented to day trading, some allow holding positions overnight and even on weekends.

Here’s what is allowed by Funded Trading Plus and UProfit.

Trading Hours Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Holding Overnight
Holding Over Weekend

Trading Platforms

We all like to use the trading platform that we are used to. For this reason, prop firms support different trading platforms.

Here’s an extensive list of the platforms supported by Funded Trading Plus and UProfit.

Supported Platforms Funded Trading Plus UProfit
InsideEdge Trader
Medved Trader
Bookmap X-Ray
Jigsaw Daytradr
Agena Trader
Track N Trade


The leverage provided by the prop firm may be an important factor when choosing it. This is especially true for day trading or scalping, where the position size is usually significantly bigger than for swing trading.

Here’s a comparison of the leverage provided by Funded Trading Plus and UProfit prop firms.

Leverage CFDs Funded Trading PlusUProfit
Forex 1:30
Indices 1:20
Metals 1:30
Commodities 1:30
Crypto 1:2
Leverage Futures Funded Trading PlusUProfit
Futures 1:1


Proprietary firms have several ways of payment.

Here’s a table with the comparison between the payment methods accepted by Funded Trading Plus and UProfit.

Payment Types Funded Trading Plus UProfit
Wire Transfer
Credit Card
Google Pay
Deel Card

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  • Are you really sure this prop firms would serve traders from Papua New Guinea? For Papua New Guinea traders who are not into Crypto, we won’t get paid coz most payment methods like Deel don’t serve Papua New Guinea.

  • how do i get a free fund which split 50% and what are the account size of free account

  • How do I Know “all the rules” in order to not violate none of them. Because other companies have some “surprises” when you want to take your profit. They tell you about “rules” that you violate and then they hold your money or freeze your account. But they didn’t have that properly explained on their website all that terms and conditions.

    • You need to go through their website, FAQs, and terms and conditions.
      Make sure that you do understand the rules.
      If you feel is not properly explained you can always ask their support.

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