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Audacity Capital: Reviews And In-Depth Analysis

Audacity Capital

Rating: 4.7


Audacity Capital is a Forex prop firm, located in London, UK. It was founded in 2012. Read the full Audacity Capital review


Instruments: Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities.

Max balance: $2,000,000

Profit split: up to 85%

Cost: from $129

Platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5


What I like:

  • Fast scaling up to $2 Million. Your account doubles when you achieve a profit target.
  • No time restrictions to complete the challenges.
  • Free trial available to test the platform.

What could be improved:

  • The profit share starts at 75% on the Ability account and 50% on the Funded Trader Program.
  • Leverage only 1:30 on the instant funding program.

Audacity Capital is a prop trading firm located in the UK.

In this article, you’ll get a review of this prop firm, including analysis and instructions to get funded with an account from Audacity Capital.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

What Is Audacity Capital?

Audacity Capital is a prop firm located in London, UK. It was founded in 2012 so it already has some experience with funding traders.

What Can You Trade With Audacity Capital?

Audacity Capital is a prop firm that funds traders to trade mainly Forex but other CFDs assets are available after a few stages.

Here’s a list of all of the instruments:

  • Forex: Major and minor currency pairs
  • Indices
  • Commodities

What Are The Audacity Capital Account Sizes?

Audacity Capital funds traders with account balances that go from $10,000 up to $240,000. These accounts can be scaled up to $2,000,000 as you keep having good results trading.

Depending on the product that you choose, you may get immediate funding, which applies to the Funded Trader Program, or you may need to pass a 2-phase evaluation process, which applies to the Ability Challenge.

The prices of the products are different according to the account size that you are applying to.

The prices of the smaller funded account start at $129 and go up to $2,399 for the bigger account.

What Is The Audacity Capital Leverage?

The leverage provided by the prop firm depends on the challenge that you’re taking. Here’s the list of leverage by category:

Funded Trader Program:

  • Forex pairs: 1:30
  • Commodities:/Metals 1:30
  • Indices: 1:30

Ability Challenge:

  • Forex pairs: 1:100
  • Commodities:/Metals 1:100
  • Indices: 1:100

How Much Is The Audacity Capital Payout?

The profit split is different according to the product that you chose.

Here’s the payout for each product:

  • Funded Trader Program: 50% and up to 80% of all profits are shared with the trader.
  • Ability Challenge: Up to 85% of the profits go to the trader, starting at 75%.

There are other prop firms with higher payouts, but we can say that this is pretty much the industry standard. The options with instant funding give you a smaller payout compared to the one with evaluation, but that’s understandable.

Audacity Capital Reviews

According to Trustpilot, Audacity Capital is classified as excellent. It’s scoring an impressive 4.7/5.0 after almost 1,000 reviews from users.

audacity capital trustpilot

The Funded Trader Program

The Funded Trader program was made for traders who already know how to trade and want to get immediate funding.

You just need to achieve a target without reaching a maximum drawdown to start making withdrawals.

Here are all the details:

  • Minimum days to trade: 5 days.
  • Challenge duration: No maximum.
  • Profit target: 10%
  • Maximum drawdown: 10%
  • Maximum daily loss: 5%

The Ability Challenge

When trading the Ability Challenge you must prove your experience in a 2-phase evaluation process.

Phase 1

During this phase, you need to achieve a profit target without any time limit. Here are all the details:

  • Minimum days to trade: 4 days.
  • Challenge duration: any that you need.
  • Maximum daily drawdown: 7.5%
  • Maximum drawdown: 15%
  • Profit target: 10%.

Phase 2

After you complete the phase 1 challenge, you’re ready to start phase 2.

This phase also doesn’t have any time limit. Just achieve the profit target while not breaking any rules to pass this phase. The profit target is the same as phase 1. The maximum drawdown and the maximum daily drawdown are reduced. Here are all the details:

  • Minimum days to trade: 4 days.
  • Challenge duration: any duration that you need.
  • Maximum daily drawdown: 5%
  • Maximum overall drawdown: 10%
  • Profit target: 10%.

Audacity Capital EAs (Expert Advisors)

If you like to use EAs to trade, Audacity Capital is a great prop firm for you. They allow EAs to trade, just make sure that it will not breach any rule.

Audacity Capital Free Trial

Yes, Audacity Capital offers a free trial. Click the button below the next paragraph to get it.

Audacity Capital Free Repeat

Audacity Capital provides free repeats for traders who want to take on the challenges again.

The only requirement is that you are profitable at the end of the trading period (although you didn’t achieve the profit target), and of course, that you didn’t violate any rule.

Use the promo code link below to get unlimited free repeats. Don’t forget to delete your cookies if you already visited the want to take on the challenges again. website.

Audacity Capital Platforms

Audacity Capital gives you access to the most popular trading platform used by Forex brokers.

You can use:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

Audacity Capital Trading Hours

Holding trades overnight is allowed on all programs. You can have your positions open for as long as you want according to your own trading style. Just be careful with daily and gaps.

Regarding holding trades during the weekend, you can also hold open trades during the weekend. Make sure you use a proper lot size, to keep your account safe during potential weekend gaps.

Audacity Capital News Trading

You are not allowed to trade news with Audacity Capital. Make sure that you have all your positions closed when there are important news releases.

Is Audacity Capital Legit?

Yes, Audacity Capital is a legit company.

Here are the contacts to reach them:

  • Email: support@audacitycapital.co.uk
  • Address: One Canada Square, Level 8, Office 8.05, London E14 5AA
  • Phone: +44 20 8050 1985

Audacity Capital Alternatives

Here’s the list of the best Audacity Capital alternatives:

For more alternatives check our alternative prop firm tool:

Get Alternatives To Any Prop Firm


  • Audacity Capital is a prop trading firm based in the UK.
  • You can get a funded account with up to $2,000,000 in balance and up to an 85% profit split payout.
  • To get access to a funded account you have two options: an instant funding program or a two-phase challenge program.
  • You can trade Forex
  • The popular MT4 and MT5 platforms are available to trade.

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