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TradeDay: Reviews And In-Depth Analysis

TradeDay is a prop trading firm located in the USA.

In this article, you’ll get a review of this prop firm, including analysis and instructions to get funded with an account from TradeDay.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

What Is TradeDay

TradeDay is a prop firm located in Chicago, United States.

What Can You Trade With TradeDay?

TradeDay is a prop firm that funds traders to trade Futures. You can trade the most liquid products from CME (CME, CBOT, NYMEX) Futures assets, including the Micros.

Here’s a list of all of the instruments that you can trade with TradeDay:

  • Equity Futures
  • Foreign Exchange Futures
  • Bonds Futures
  • Agricultural Futures
  • Energy Futures
  • Metals Futures

What Are The TradeDay Account Sizes?

TradeDay has five different account sizes, that you can choose from. The balances available start at $10,000, and go up to $250,000.

The costs start at $99 per month for the smallest account and go up to $750 per month for the bigger account size.

What Is The TradeDay Leverage?

There’s no leverage, the trading account balance is the buying power, meaning that the leverage is 1:1.

Your limits are defined by the maximum number of contracts that you can trade, which depends on your account size and profit.

Account BalanceMaximum number of contracts
$10,0001 mini (10 micros)
$25,0002 mini (20 micros)
$50,0005 mini (50 micros)
$100,00010 mini (50 micros)
$150,00015 mini (50 micros)
$250,00025 mini (50 micros)

How Much Is The TradeDay Payout?

Initially, you get a 100% payout. This is valid for the first $10,000 you make.

After that, TradeDay has a profit split of 90/10. This means that the trader gets 90% of the profits and the prop firm keeps 10% of the profits to them.

TradeDay Reviews

According to Trustpilot, TradeDay is classified as excellent. It’s scoring 4.6/5.0 after 100 reviews.

tradeday trustpilot reviews
tradeday trustpilot reviews

TradeDay Programs Goals And Rules

Depending on the account size that you are trading, you have different profit target goals and maximum drawdowns to avoid.

These rules are the same regardless of the account size that you’re applying to:

  • Minimum days to trade: You need to trade for a minimum of 10 days.
  • Challenge duration: There’s no maximum time to trade, you can take the time that you want.

Besides those rules, you also have a profit target and drawdown limits that are different depending on the account size. Here they are:

AccountProfit TargetMax Drawdown (trailing)
$10k$1,000 (10%)$500 (5%)
$25k$1,500 (6%)$750 (3%)
$50k$2,500 (5%)$1,250 (2.5%)
$100k$5,000 (5%)$2,000 (2.0%)
$150k$7,500 (5%)$2,500 (1.7%)
$250k$12,000 (4.8%)$4,000 (1.6%)

Important to mention that this prop firm’s evaluation has one single step, unlike other firms that typically have two steps.

TradeDay EAs/Algos/Bots

Algorithms and auto trading is allowed by TradeDay. To do that you need to use one of their supported platforms that support automated trading systems: NinjaTrader, Tradovate, TradingView, and Jigsaw.

TradeDay Free Trial

TradeDay offers a 14-day free trial. Use the link below to get it.

TradeDay Free Repeat and Reset

You can reset and repeat the evaluations as many times as you want. This can be done every time that you renew your subscription.

TradeDay Coupon / Promo Code / Discount

TradeDay has frequent discounts throughout the year. Use the link below to get them when they are available.

TradeDay Platforms

TradeDay provides access to the major futures trading platforms to trade.

ninjatrader logo
  • Ninjatrader
  • Tradovate
  • TradingView
  • Jigsaw Trading

TradeDay Trading Hours

Holding trades after the close of the day is not permitted. All positions must be closed 10 minutes before the market close.

Leaving positions open for the weekend is also not allowed.

TradeDay is aligned with day traders and day trading strategies. If you have a different trading style, you may want to check an alternative (more below in this article).

TradeDay News Trading

You cannot trade important new releases. If you want to trade during news events check one of the TradeDay alternatives.

Is TradeDay Legit?

Yes, TradeDay is a legit company.

Here are their contacts:

  • Address: TradeDay LLC, 2nd Floor, 412 S.Wells, Chicago, Illinois. 60607, United States
  • Email: support@tradeday.com
  • Phone: +1 872-222-7850

There’s also live chat support on their website.

TradeDay Alternatives

Here is a list of the best TradeDay alternatives:

For more alternatives check our alternative prop firm tool:

Get Alternatives To Any Prop Firm


  • TradeDay is a prop trading firm based in the USA.
  • You can get a funded account with up to $250,000 in balance and a 90% profit split payout.
  • To get access to a funded account you need to pass an evaluation, with different rules depending on the account size you want to apply to.
  • You can trade Futures.
  • The most popular Futures platforms are available to trade including NinjaTrader.

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