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SuperFunded: Reviews And In-Depth Analysis

SuperFunded is a prop trading firm located in Australia.

In this article, you’ll get a review of this prop firm, including analysis and instructions to get funded with an account from SuperFunded.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

What Is SuperFunded?

SuperFunded is a prop firm located in Victoria, Australia. It was founded in 2021.

What Can You Trade With SuperFunded?

SuperFunded is a prop firm that funds traders to trade Forex and other CFDs trading assets.

Here’s a list of all of the instruments:

  • Forex: Major and minor currency pairs
  • Indices: All the majors, including Dax, Dow, Nasdaq, and SP500
  • Commodities: Oil
  • Metals: Gold and Silver
  • Cryptocurrencies

What Are The SuperFunded Account Sizes?

SuperFunded funds traders with account balances that go from $15,000 up to $200,000.

To get access to a funded account you need to pass a 1-phase challenge/evaluation process.

The prices of the products are different according to the account size that you are applying to. The prices of the smaller funded account start at $129 and go up to $1400 for the bigger account.

What Is The SuperFunded Leverage?

The leverage provided by the prop firm is the same regardless of the symbol that you are trading. Here’s the list of leverage by symbol:

  • Forex: 1:30
  • Indices: 1:30
  • Commodities: 1:30
  • Metals: 1:30
  • Crypto: 1:30

How Much Is The SuperFunded Payout?

The profit split is 80% for any account size that you choose.

SuperFunded Reviews

According to Trustpilot, SuperFunded is classified as average. It’s scoring a 2.8/5.0. The thing is they only have 5 reviews there, so it’s maybe not a significant amount to take conclusions.

SuperFunded Challenge

To pass the evaluation/challenge and get funded with a live account you need to pass a challenge with one single phase. In this phase, you must achieve a minimum profit without exceeding a maximum daily drawdown and maximum overall drawdown.

Here are all the details:

  • Minimum days to trade: 3 days is minimum the number of days you need to pass the challenge.
  • Challenge duration: No maximum, you can trade as long as you need to achieve your targets.
  • Maximum daily drawdown: 7% of the previous End Of Day (EOD) account balance.
  • Maximum overall drawdown: 10% of the initial account size.
  • Profit target: 10%

SuperFunded EAs (Expert Advisors)

If you like to use EAs to trade, SuperFunded is a great prop firm for you. They allow EAs although some strategies that they consider abusive are forbidden, like arbitrage, grid trading, and martingale.

SuperFunded Free Trial

Unfortunately, SuperFunded doesn’t offer a free trial.

SuperFunded Free Repeat

SuperFunded doesn’t provide free repeats, you need to be careful, trade like a professional, using a proper strategy and risk management.

SuperFunded Platforms

SuperFunded gives you access to the most popular trading platform used by Forex brokers.

You can use:

  • MetaTrader 4

SuperFunded Trading Hours

Holding trades overnight is allowed on all programs. You can have your positions open for as long as you want according to your own trading style.

When it comes to holding trades over the weekend there’s no requirement to close the trades too. You can leave them open. Just make sure you account for possible weekend gaps.

SuperFunded News Trading

If you like news trading I have good news, trades are allowed during news.

You just need to be careful with the volatility, but if you’re like me, those are the best times of the day to trade. Just don’t exceed your maximum safe lot size and manage your trades properly.

Is SuperFunded Legit?

Yes, SuperFunded is a legit company.

Here are the contacts to reach them:

  • Email: support@superfunded.com

SuperFunded Alternatives

Here’s the list of the best SuperFunded alternatives:

For more alternatives check our alternative prop firm tool:

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  • SuperFunded is a prop trading firm based in Australia.
  • You can get a funded account with up to $200,000 in balance and an 80% profit split payout.
  • To get access to a funded account you have to pass a one-phase challenge program.
  • You can trade Forex and other CFDs like Indices, Commodities, Metals, and Cryptocurrencies.
  • The popular MT4 platform is available to trade.

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