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Trade The Pool: Reviews And In-Depth Analysis

Trade The Pool is a prop trading firm located in Israel.

In this article, you’ll get a review of this prop firm, including analysis and instructions to get funded with an account from Trade The Pool.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

What Is Trade The Pool?

Trade The Pool is a prop firm located in Israel. It was founded in 2016 so it already has some experience with funding traders.

What Can You Trade With Trade The Pool?

Trade The Pool is a prop firm that funds traders to trade Stocks.

Here’s a list of all of the instruments:

  • Stocks: More than 12,000 stocks are available, including Penny Stocks and ETFs.

What Are The Trade The Pool Account Sizes?

Trade The Pool funds traders with account balances that go from $20,000 up to $260,000. Important to notice that these balances are buying power.

To gain access to a funded account you need to pass a 1-phase evaluation process. The price of the evaluation is different according to the account size that you are applying to.

The prices of the smaller funded account start at $97 and go up to $1,240 for the bigger account.

What Is The Trade The Pool Leverage?

The prop firm account sizes are already the final buying power, so no leverage needs to be applied there.

How Much Is The Trade The Pool Payout?

The profit split is 50% for the smaller account and grows up to 80% for the bigger account. There are other prop firms with higher payouts, but we can say that this is pretty much the industry standard.

Trade The Pool Reviews

According to Trustpilot, Trade The Pool is classified as great. It’s scoring 4.1/5.0. It just doesn’t have many reviews, only 16 at the time I took this screenshot.

trade the pool trustpilot reviews

Trade The Pool Evaluation Program

To pass the Evaluation you have a profit target to achieve within 45 days. You also need to avoid exceeding a maximum drawdown and daily loss.

Here are all the details:

  • Minimum days to trade: no minimum.
  • Challenge duration: 45 days.
  • Profit target: 9%-4.6%
  • Maximum daily loss: 1.5%-0.77%
  • Maximum drawdown: 4.5%-2.3%
  • Minimum trades: 30

Trade The Pool EAs (Expert Advisors)

If you like to use EAs to trade, Trade The Pool is a great prop firm for you. They allow EAs although some types of strategies are banned.

These include arbitrage trading or copy trading.

Trade The Pool Free Trial

Trade The Pool offers a 14-day free trial right now. Use the button below to access it.

Trade The Pool Free Repeat

Trade The Pool doesn’t provides free repeats. You can reset your account though, by paying a reset fee.

Trade The Pool Platforms

Trade The Pool gives you access to the Trader Evolution trading platform.

Trade The Pool Trading Hours

Holding trades overnight is not allowed. You need to close your position 5 minutes before the close of each trading day. The same applies to holding trades over the weekend.

Trade The Pool News Trading

There are no restrictions on news trading. You just need to be careful with the volatility, but if you’re like me, those are the best times of the day to trade. Just don’t exceed your maximum safe lot size and manage your trades properly.

Is Trade The Pool Legit?

Yes, Trade The Pool is a legit company.

Here are the contacts to reach them:

  • Email: Help@TradeThePool.com
  • Address: 14 Haroshet st, Raanaa, Israel
  • Phone: 1.331.444.0024

You can also contact them through the live chat on their website.

Trade The Pool Alternatives

Here’s the list of the best Trade The Pool alternatives:

For more alternatives check our alternative prop firm tool:

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  • Trade The Pool is a prop trading firm based in Israel.
  • You can get a funded account with up to $260,000 in balance and up to 80% profit split payout.
  • To get access to a funded account you need to pass a one-phase challenge program.
  • You can trade Stocks, including Penny Stocks and ETFs
  • The Trader Evolution platform is available to trade.

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  • Are you really sure this prop firms would serve traders from Papua New Guinea? For Papua New Guinea traders who are not into Crypto, we won’t get paid coz most payment methods like Deel don’t serve Papua New Guinea.

  • how do i get a free fund which split 50% and what are the account size of free account

  • How do I Know “all the rules” in order to not violate none of them. Because other companies have some “surprises” when you want to take your profit. They tell you about “rules” that you violate and then they hold your money or freeze your account. But they didn’t have that properly explained on their website all that terms and conditions.

    • You need to go through their website, FAQs, and terms and conditions.
      Make sure that you do understand the rules.
      If you feel is not properly explained you can always ask their support.

  • Hello.
    Sorry for disturbing you.
    I’m looking for information of a company called Resourses Investments.
    It is registred in Schweiz.

    Do you maybe know anything about this company ?
    I have some issues with them.

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